You can use any of my music on Instagram, youtube and facebook. You can also monetize on all of your videos on youtube. 

If you want to use my music please read.

-You cannot claim my music as yours    

-You must credit me when using my music. (see below)

-All other use of my music, outside of youtube facebook or instagram require a special permission or license from me click here


To use my music follow these steps:


1. Get my music

If you would like to use my music in your Youtube videos you can either download it for free or by buying it directly from me.


You can download my music for free HERE

audio Block
Double-click here to upload or link to a .mp3. Learn more


2. Credit me

Please credit me in the description box of your Youtube video, like this:

Music by Cammi Meitler


On Facebook and Instagram please credit me like this in the text of the post:

Music by @cammi_meitler



OPTIONAL (but very appreciated)  

- I love shout outs! 


Helping Promoting my channel is always appreciated every promotion really helps me get closer to fulfilling my dream to become a full time musician :)


If you support me on Patreon and pledge at least $2 per month, you will get instant access to all my upcoming music when it’s released, usually 2 tracks per month. Patrons will also get access to pre-releases. Your name in my youtube credits, and your name will be on my upcoming album. Anything helps :)


My music is available on iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby.

You can also become a Patreon supporter and “subscribe” to my upcoming music.