Cammi Meitler is a modern indie LDS Artist. Her driving force in her music is not to sugar coat the reality around us, but rather to embrace the trails and that we can ultimately come out on top. Her lyrics are very poetic and there is always a deep underlying message in her music. Her first video put out (MR INCREDIBLE) is swarmed with symbolism which is up to your interpretation. This song talks about that there is this person that has a facade that he is trying to help you, but in the end we find out that he was only in it to help himself. 



Born In williams Air Force base in Arizona 

Raised in Idaho 

Served a mission in Colorado

Wrote first song at 14 years old

Has over 800 songs written. 

Will be releasing 1-2 songs every single month

Loves writing real songs

passionate about service 

attended byu Idaho 


feel free to email me with any questions.       Cammi.meitler@gmail.com


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If you have any further questions feel free to email her at cammi.meitler@gmail.com